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Film Production

What do we do? We are a full-service production company that specializes in a cinematic-style look. So what does this apply to? Anything you can think of. We specialize in a vast array of genres including corporate, short films, business promotion, documentaries, city promotion and marketing, law enforcement promotion, recruitment tools, television commercials, music videos, marketing videos, live event production, you name it! If you have a need for any type of project, we can accomodate you.


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We are proud to provide West Texas with the ultimate platform for aerial photography and high definition cinematography. We can provide real estate and pipeline surveys and land development progress documentation anywhere in the West Texas/Eastern New Mexico area.The inherent nature of helicopters produces challenges in filming due to the shudder and movement of the craft. We are able to offer rock-solid cinematography, regardless of helicopter movement, through the use of our Aerial Exposures International LSG-2 Gyro Stabilization Platform. Our LSG-2 is outfitted with four KS-8 gyros and provides for beautiful, dreamlike video.Our stabilzation platform has already been hard at work, providing footage for the national network TruTV and the local ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates.

Audio Production

Studio 84 is home to one of the best audio facilities in West Texas. Our services include: recording, producing, mixing, and mastering digital audio. We produce everything from solo singer/songwriters to five-piece rock bands and even radio jingles and PSA's. We’re equipped with the industry’s preferred microphones, preamps, converters, and software to ensure that your project is nothing short of the absolute highest quality. If you’re looking for a place to record an album or demo project, or if you’ve recorded it yourself and need professional mixing and mastering, consider Studio 84′s comfortable environment and experienced, knowledgeable staff. Whether you have your own band or need us to supply session players, you can rest assured that we take your music seriously and will put in the work it takes to make your record competitive and sonically representative of you and your art.




Studio 84 is also fully-equipped to handle any and all live-production events. Our mobile and road-ready HD FlyPack production rig is state-of-the-art and comprised of only industry-standard equipment. We produce large corporate gatherings, telethons, conferences, church gatherings, and just about any kind of event you can think of. We offer the full package - including video, IMAG,  screen rentals, lighting, and audio. If you have any media needs for your event, we can provide it.

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