27 Responses to Texas Tech Football Fire Up video

  1. Eric C Ritchie says:

    Fantastic job! Definitely got the crowd fired up!

  2. Eric C Ritchie says:

    Fantastic job! Definitely got the crowd fired up!

  3. Julief3671 says:

    Was great to get the crowd pumped up last night for the season opener – Wreck ‘em Tech!

  4. Pirate 7 says:

    Love it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Awesome video!  Great job guys!  Best part is Tubs revealing his guns!

  6. Dboy says:

    Awesome production

  7. Kelsie0315 says:

    Any way to get a copy of this video???  

  8. Who is in the blue tie and gray-sh vest?

  9. House Divided says:

    What an awesome video.  I am an Aggie and I still enjoyed watching this video! I wish Tech a good season with many wins except on the Saturday they play A&M.

  10. Great job on this.  

  11. Terry says:

    This is the neatest thing that I have ever seen. Of course, I’m partial to cowboys, but they’re in Dallas.
    “Guns Up” is right!

  12. Love the vidoe!  First class, just like our coach and team!

  13. Raider87 says:

    Love it!!! Love that it was filmed at Ranching and Heritage Museum! Gets this Texan fired up! WrEcK ‘Em!

  14. who cares says:

    Guns up was started at Tech in 1971 (http://www.ttu.edu/traditions/gunsup.php).  It came about as a result of being in the SW conference… All the schools had hand signs… Zero State copied it just like they copy everything else.  Tech became the red raiders in 1937.  They were labeled as such by a FWST writer because of their scarlet uniforms…

  15. Ag in FL says:

    Even as an Aggie, I enjoyed this video.  Particularly liked the reference to bringing down a longhorn.  Shame our series with y’all will be coming to an end soon.  It’s been a fun, if not occasionally crazy, rivalry and will be missed.  Look forward to seeing that Tech swagger in the Pac 16.

  16. fAGGIE hater says:

    whoa easy there, I’m a die hard Tech fan and I’m from east Texas hahah

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  18. Susieqanpooh says:

    awesome ! This video was amazing! Wishing you a great season. You guys look original!

  19. Randi Rivers says:

    AWESOME !  GO Red Raiders! GUNS UP!!!

  20. Sisseretta says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

  21. Tom scrivner says:

    Awsome video………  Guns UP ! !

  22. Drlove says:

    This video is badass needs to be on ESPN or on during aired Tech games

  23. Cowboy5b says:

    Absolutely incredible representation of Texas Tech Football and the great mystic surrounding West Texas. Guns Up!!!!!!

  24. Sblazoff says:


  25. Sherry says:

    Sherry Hummer Hill I am not an Aggie fan, let me make that very clear. I will be there Saturday with my guns up Lord willing!

  26. Aprillangehennig says:

    Just caught the very end at the game. Good job guys!